Citrus Essential Oil Blend Soap - Castile & Jojoba Collection

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Citrus Essential Oil Blend Castile & Jojoba Soap is a delightfully pleasant blend of essentials oils. Cheerful Lemon and Sweet Orange will lift your spirit while Grapefruit and Bergamot invoke a sense of confidence and contentment. Blended together with our signature Castile & Jojoba formula, Citrus Essential Oil Blend is your new must-have soap for sunshine no matter what the weather. 

Size: 4.5 oz

Artisan Technique Used: Cold-Process/Oven-Process (CPOP)


Olive Oil, Neroli Floral Water, Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil, Kaolin Clay, Essential Oils, Titanium Dioxide, Mica.  

Castile & Jojoba artisan soaps are offered in 8 varieties. Each with a specific purpose in mind. These beautiful soaps are handcrafted using ethically sourced 100% Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Jojoba to bring you a luxurious and artful bathing experience. Each soap is made with essential oils and unique blends of natural additions to elevate your cleansing experience into one of a soothing wellness ritual.

Palo Santo & Mahogany 

Lavender & Chamomile

English Rose

White Tea & Gardenia

Vanilla Sandalwood

Violet & Clary Sage

Juniper Berry & Cedarwood

Citrus Essential Oil Blend