Juniper & Cedarwood Jojoba Shampoo Bar

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Juniper & Cedarwood Jojoba Shampoo Bar is a wonderfully woodsy scent that was inspired by the year-round beauty of the Junipers that adorn Colorado and the Cedarwood trees of east Texas. In fact, only essential oil of the Texas Cedarwood is used in our hair & skincare blends for its unique scent and properties. To formulate the shampoo bar, rich botanicals like jojoba, aspen bark and calendula are blended and incorporated into a lovely shampoo that cleanses and repairs hair from scalp to ends.

Each bar is hand-pressed into a Hamsa Heart mold and air dried until ready for packaging and labeling. 

Packaged in a compostable film (not plastic) made from plant fibers and formulated with natural ingredients this is the perfect eco-friendly shampoo bar. 

All Jojoba based shampoo & conditioner bars are designed to mix-match based on your desired scent pairings and hair needs.