Rose Jojoba Conditioner Bar

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Rose Jojoba Conditioner Bar is a lovely true English Rose scent. Blended with rich botanicals like jojoba, aspen bark and calendula to cleanse, nourish and strengthen your hair. Each conditioner bar is slow simmered, and hand stirred for hours to allow the botanicals to infuse together. The formula unfolds during the simmering process as the most delicate ingredients are added last to prevent heat damage of precious botanicals. The formula is then cooled and gently poured into a Hamsa Heart mold where it is left to finish cooling and resolidifying.  

Packaged in a compostable film (not plastic) made from plant fibers and formulated with natural ingredients this is the perfect eco-friendly conditioner bar. 

All Jojoba based shampoo & conditioner bars are designed to mix-match based on your desired scent pairings and hair needs.