Signature Gardens A Poem for Her

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Signature Gardens "A Poem for Her" is a premium Master blended herbal tea. Dedicated to all women and the beauty of their stories, strength, and unyielding hope for humanity. A poetic stanza of creamy vanilla, soft flowers, a dash of rooibos, and slight hint of mint blend together to form a feminine melody of botanical poetry. Signature Gardens "A Poem for Her" empowers you to write your own story, dream your own dreams, and remember the women around you. Think of each other as you sip this lovely herbal tea and embark on a mindful and beautifully written journey of poetry of your own making.


Small Batch Blended. Non-GMO. Caffeine Free. Kosher. Vegan. Vegetarian.
Luxury Ingredients: Chamomile, Lavender petals, Rooibos, Peppermint, Natural flavor.


Brewing Instructions: Boil clean filtered water and add add 1 full teaspoon of loose herbs for each cup (7-9oz / 200-260ml). Pour boiled water into the teapot or cup and cover. Allow the brew to steep for 3-7 minutes. If like your teas/tisanes to have a bolder flavor simply let the brew steep longer. Drink hot or iced. Enjoy!