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Lavender Sugar Scrub by The Little Market

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Lavender Sugar Scrub is infused with the scent of lovely lavender flowers to deliver aromatherapy and botanical nourishment within a deep exfoliator. Mindful moments and satin skin award you with every exfoliation ritual when you use Lavender Sugar Scrub. Blended with pure cane sugar for natural exfoliation and coconut oil to leave an irresistibly smooth finish. All-natural ingredients provide a vitamin-rich treatment for your skin.

Bonus: Jars and lids can be sanitized in the dishwasher or washed by hand and repurposed indefinitely...please, reuse or recycle! ;) 

Ingredients: White Sugar, Coconut Oil, Dried Flowers, Fragrance Oil

Your Purchase Empowers an Artisan recovering from the trauma of human trafficking.

The Little Market Sugar Scrubs are blended with natural, sustainable ingredients in small batches by human trafficking survivors in Los Angeles, California. Through a skills development program led by The Little Market, a non-profit organization, these brave and resilient survivors are able to blend sugar scrubs on a flexible schedule that empowers them to pursue their dreams and rise as leaders in the fight against modern slavery. Your purchase is a vital part of the journey to building strong, bright futures for these women. Each of these women have had active roles with the Survivor Leadership Program at the US-based Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking (Cast).